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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

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February 2024

Satisfying your craving for cannabis information

Green Shoulder - You Asked and We Answered

"This makes so much sense!" That's a common response when New Jerseyans learn about Green Shoulder, our cannabis consumption guidance service (for adults 21+). Cannabis is a complex topic, which is why so many people are curious, confused, or conflicted. Or, more likely, a combination of all three.


We received questions about how to book a Sidekick, whether the session includes a COA tutorial, and whether edible sessions are available (they are!). Click below to explore our recent FAQs. (Consider this: Green Shoulder was developed after requests for assistance from attendees at Cannabis Community Conversations and other education events. Fear and nervousness are cited as the primary reason for interest in consumption guidance. It may be helpful to consider all the factors that have contributed to nervousness and fear.)

Click here to read answers about all your Green Shoulder questions.


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought submitted to us: Why are there so many Bob Ross show commercials on the 24/7 Bob Ross channel? We're already there!

Germany is the 3rd country in Europe to legalize cannabis, removing it from the banned substances list. What influence will this have on other countries?


How many stories until we reach the tipping point?

Recently, on the Future Cannabis Project YouTube podcast Andrea Asks, host and plant medicine advocate Andrea Raible discussed all things cannabis with Natty Newfie, a Canadian cannabis breeder, a recent transplant to the Garden State. Natty shared his cannabis journey and described how it provided a safe alternatives to opioids.

Ask yourself this: At this point, many people regularly interact with at least one person who has shared their wellness experiences with cannabis. For those who dismiss or oppose cannabis as pain management option, is there a number of testimonies needed to move the needle? Is it less about quantity and more about who is describing the benefits of cannabis use?


A Billion in 2024 in New Jersey

When New Jersey significantly widened the medical marijuana program in 2019, the statewide industry started to grow. Then, in 2021, when the Garden State launched adult-use, the industry boomed.


Now, less than 2 years into adult-use, the industry is forecasted to hit a billion dollars in 2024. There are hundreds of licenses operations, including over 100 dispensaries now open in nearly every county in the state. Cannabis is here and growing.


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