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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A bite or two, delivered right to you

January 2024

A hearty helping of delicious cannabis information

Announcing Green Shoulder...a consumption guidance service

Green Shoulder is a cannabis consumption guidance service (for adults 21+) for the person who will feel more comfortable learning from an experienced consumer.  It can be easier to try something new when you’ve got support from someone knowledgeable.  

Similar to hiring a private chef to come in to your home to cook a meal or a wine expert to host a tasting for you and your family or friends, everyone who books a consumption session with a “Sidekick,” a trained and experienced cannabist, is able to experience flower, edibles, or concentrates with confidence and help, in the comfort of their own home. (Consider this: While we've had inquiries from a variety of individuals, most are from people who are over the age of 50. Based on this demographic insight, what conclusions might we reach?)


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought: For as many kissing booths seen in movies and television, how many of us have actually participated?

Consumption lounges are coming to NJ! Cannabis camaraderie is an inherent part of the experience for many who consume, so lounges are a logical next step.


Our Promise for 2024

Many seize the start of the new year to reflect on the past and present to envision a future path.  At Elucidation Strategies, we did just that. We're proud to share our intention and planning for the rest of the year and beyond.


Promise #1. Every day, we will continue to work hard to further our mission: to help people make informed decisions when it comes to cannabis.  

Ask yourself this: Our work helps people make informed decisions about cannabis. What factors have contributed to why it can be so challenging to make an informed decision?


Cannabis Community Conversation: How to Book

How does one go about booking a Cannabis Community Conversation (CCC) with Elucidation Strategies?


It starts with identifying need. Who are potential participants?


The Cannabis Community Conversation is ideal for anyone who has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) and wants to learn more about cannabis history to better understand the topic of cannabis today.


Still hungry?

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