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Sharing our Intention and Planning

Many seize the start of the new year to reflect on the past and present to envision a future path.  At Elucidation Strategies, we did just that. This is what we came up with - 

Our 2024 Promise to New Jersey 

  1. Every day, we will continue to work hard to further our mission: to help people make informed decisions when it comes to cannabis.  

  2. Our efforts have and always will be inspired and motivated by the pioneer legacy market and the passionate advocates who have come before us, because we are only here today because of the risk and burden they carried.  

  3. The ES team will continue to bring accessible and accurate cannabis learning opportunities via the Cannabis Community Conversation program to host sites across the Garden State.  

  4. Our steadfast commitment to our nine operational principles will guide every aspect of our work.  

  5. We will amplify resources and voices that replace fiction with fact and eliminate misinformation, especially those that value creative, audience-focused approaches, like the Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari podcast and grassroots messaging of the home grow advocacy community.  

  6. We will advocate for awareness that each consumption is a unique experience - the cannabis itself, the physical body, and the mental state - all collectively determine the outcome of the experience.

  7. We will constantly seek out opportunities to emphasize the wellness possibilities of responsible cannabis use.  

  8. We will promote the natural spirit of cannabis camaraderie to offset the tremendous imbalance that comes with the current state of cannabis divisiveness that exists because of political and economic intersection.  

  9. We will continue to be a resource among the growing statewide cannabis community, prioritizing pitching in and helping out when opportunities to get involved arise.  

  10. Coming later in the month! We will launch a brand-new boutique cannabis education service designed to provide a comfortable, hands-on approach to learning.  

If you’re interested in sharing what you’ve got going on in 2024 or want to learn more about how we’re furthering informed decision-making for those facing cannachoices, you’re invited to reach out.  We’d love to chat.  Wishing you and yours and meaningful and satisfying 2024!

Contact Elucidation Strategies for more information about cannabis educational services.


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