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education & planning Services

According to a 2023 Pew Research Center report, public support for marijuana legalization differs widely by age, political party, and race and ethnicity. It varies widely, which is is why access to cannabis education is so important.  

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Why is cannabis education so important?

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As we navigate this budding industry in the Garden State, it’s essential to further education regarding cannabis.  Why? The continuing tension between federal prohibition and the ongoing state-by-state legalization, the historical accounts of cannabis persecution and prosecution to target specific demographics and the resulting problematic stigma that has subsequently been reinforced for decades, the inaccurate assessments that stem from a lack of verifiable science-based evidence in constant comparison to anecdotal evidence – these factors (and many more) contribute to the controversial topic of cannabis and how it is viewed and valued. It is only by replacing false cannabis narratives with true ones and generously sharing facts rather than fiction that messaging about wellness and equity will prevail.

Through our education and consulting services, we support the open exchange of information to benefit both New Jerseyans and the fastest-growing industry in our state.  

Interested in learning more about our history and education approach that helps people make informed decisions about cannabis? You're invited to check out our free digital resources.  

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how we can help


History-driven conversations for public audiences in New Jersey communities to help participants increase awareness of cannabis and its complex status, resulting in widened perspectives and informed decision-making


An education-focused consumption guidance service  for cannacurious individuals and groups who want to learn about consumption in a one-on-one, demonstrative setting, increasing cannabis decision-making confidence 


strategic planning

Planning services, furthered by thoughtful discovery and analysis, for determining communications priorities and operational goals - ultimately helping businesses make informed decisions about positioning and strengthening messaging and engagement

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we're ready talk cannabis

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