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green shoulder, a guidance service 

Why book a consumption session with a Green Shoulder Sidekick?

Whether you’re new to cannabis or want to learn more about the different modes of consumption, a Sidekick will answer your questions and provide the guidance you need. 

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a consumption guidance service for the cannacurious

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Individuals (adults, 21+)  interested in consuming cannabis with some support and help built-in to the process are invited to contact us to book a session with a "Sidekick," a trained cannabis enthusiast.  Whether it’s flower or tinctures, whether it’s concentrates or edibles, our experienced Sidekicks demonstrate products and modes so you can experiment with confidence.  Plus, you can pose questions to a person rather than a search engine and learn about cannabis highlights to better understand the complex history of the plant and how it can impact wellness. 


Before the session, you’ll be invited to hop on a brief Zoom to confirm details and meet your Sidekick.  


On the day of the session while you consume, you’ll be able to ask questions and talk through some valuable cannabis information, including recommendations and some interesting historical context.  

Benefits of a sidekick

  • Assistance from a knowledgeable Sidekick trained for each part of the process, including best practices to avoid unsatisfactory consumption experiences

  • Investment into learning, rather than buying first and wasting money without understanding all the options

  • In-person (no search engine obstacles!) guidance experience in a familiar and comfortable environment, your own home

  • Social experience session for cannacurious group of friends, family, and colleagues

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frequently asked questions


I’ve never consumed cannabis.  What should I expect?

When considering what happens after cannabis consumption, there are three factors that affect the outcomes - the strain, the physical body, and the mental state.  It varies greatly.  However, we’ve found that being informed often results in a more enjoyable experience, which is why we spend some time talking about cannabis prior to consumption.  


I'm interested in becoming a Sidekick.  How do I apply? 

We are always on the lookout for new Sidekicks! Anyone interested in learning more about the Green Shoulder program is encouraged to contact us. Besides the application/screening process and required ES training, Sidekicks are required to complete ongoing professional development requirements too. 


Where do you operate?

We focus on New Jersey, In some instances, Sidekicks may be available regionally. 


It’s been years since I’ve smoked weed and that last time wasn’t a pleasant experience.  Will the same thing happen this time?

We cannot speak to that last consumption, but we can share that the three factors that affect outcomes - the strain, the physical body, and the mental state - are key considerations.  Your Sidekick will review some basic plant information and offer a few short, helpful learning activities to set you up for a satisfactory experience.  Anything consumed at your session will be carefully selected and based on your questionnaire responses.


How are GS sidekicks trained?

Sidekicks all have one particular thing in common: comfortability with cannabis.  Beyond that, the GS Sidekicks have diverse cannabis backgrounds, experiences, and certifications. That’s why Sidekicks are carefully matched, after being thoroughly vetted, to consumers.  Sidekicks are required to complete an initial Green Shoulder orientation class, a 10 hour training provided by Elucidation Strategies staff.  The training curriculum includes modules that explore cannabis history, cannabis consumption, interpersonal communication, and other topics relevant to sessions. 


Will I need to have anything on hand? Do I have to do anything in advance?  

No, you do not have any preparations beyond submitting some basic information via a short online form (provided via email). During the short Zoom meeting prior to your in-person session at your home, your Sidekick will share all the pertinent details. Green Shoulder is designed to make everything - setting up the session, the consumption experience, and asking questions - as easy as possible. 


I don’t have a medical card for cannabis.  Can I still book a session with GS?

The GS service is ONLY for adult-use/recreational cannabis.


 There is no intersection with medically-prescribed cannabis.  This service is not a medical consultation.  This service aligns with other in-home learning services with trained specialists, like booking private class with a chef, an in-home wine tasting with a wine specialist, or musician providing piano or guitar lessons. None of the Green Shoulder services provide any medical advice or support. 


What is the fee?

Fees vary based on type of service.  You're invited to contact us to talk through pricing. 


Do I tip the Sidekick?

You're not required to, but tipping is always welcome.


How soon can I book?

We'll hop on a Zoom within a week of your request; we'll schedule the session on the call.


I'm not sure that I want to consume, but I have questions.  Can I just book a consultation, not a session? 

Absolutely.  Sidekicks are available on a hourly basis for consulting. If you need a specific type of consultant or want to discuss a particular topic with a cannabis professional, you're invited to contact us.


I have questions about strains, terpenes, and the ECS.  Will my Sidekick be able to talk about those topics?  

Yes.  Sidekicks are carefully matched for each Green Shoulder session.  The feedback on the online questionnaire and the discussion on the short pre-session Zoom help us pair you and your Sidekick.


I'd like to review some resources about marijuana/cannabis prior to my session.  Do you have any recommendations?

That's a great idea! You're invited to check the Resources section of our website.  You can also email us to request some suggestions.  When you email, you can tell us about which topics you want to learn about.  

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an informed decision is the best kind 

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