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about us


To help New Jerseyans make informed decisions when it comes to cannabis by ensuring access to accurate and relevant information and resources, especially historical context.  


growing elucidation strategies

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Connecting with Cannabists

The strength of Elucidation Strategies is our network of professionals across the Garden State and beyond who harness their talents to make a difference in the emerging cannabis space.  

Our network includes a variety of experienced and qualified professionals that understand the complexities and opportunities associated with cannabis.  The members of the ES project teams have many commonalities, but there's one essential thing they all have passion for - they recognize cannabis as a means to wellness, which inspires their commitment and dedication to this important work in the industry.  



We envision a thriving cannabis community in New Jersey that provides safe, regulated, and supportive service to adults seeking health and wellness-focused cannabis-enhanced lifestyles as well as positively contributes to the statewide economic, civic, and social ecosystem.

Operational Principles

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new jersey based cannabis education & consulting company

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