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We Make it Easy

How does one go about booking a Cannabis Community Conversation with Elucidation Strategies?

From the inbox -


We’re in.  How do we book a Cannabis Community Conversation here?”


PS - Just listened to the diary podcast about Doc McMeen's "Report of the Ohio State Medical Committee on Cannabis Indica" - loved it!”

We're seeing more and more of these inquiries, which means more New Jerseyans are accessing accurate and relevant information about cannabis. This works out great since...this is our mission.

How to book a Cannabis Community Conversation

A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Consider the need first. Cannabis Community Conversations help participants expand their understanding of cannabis history and how it contributes to the status of cannabis today. Who’s ideal?

  2. Assuming there's a need, then consider whether access to accurate and reliable information will help participants make informed decisions about cannabis. An informed decision is always the best kind.

  3.  If you’ve got prospective attendees who all have an ECS and they want to be able to make informed decisions about cannabis, then there’s only more step - contact us.

Booking a Cannabis Community Conversation is as easy as 1-2-3.

More questions? Ready to book? We're here and ready to help.

Contact Elucidation Strategies for more information about cannabis educational services.


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