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Announcing...Green Shoulder, a consumption guidance service

“I’m nervous.  Do you think I could hire you to smoke pot with me?” That’s why and how Green Shoulder was launched. 

It wasn’t every participant in our cannabis education events, but enough asked.  So we listened.  

Green Shoulder is a cannabis consumption guidance service (for adults 21+) for the person who will feel more comfortable learning from an experienced consumer.  It can be easier to try something new when you’ve got support from someone knowledgeable.  

Similar to hiring a private chef to come in to your home to cook a meal or a wine expert to host a tasting for you and your family or friends, everyone who books a consumption session with a “Sidekick,” a trained and experienced cannabist, is able to experience flower, edibles, or concentrates with confidence and help, in the comfort of their own home. 

Individuals interested in booking a session submit an inquiry through the Elucidation Strategies website.  

The Green Shoulder service is ideal for anyone saying - 

  • “I haven’t smoked marijuana in over 30 years.  That last time wasn’t good -I’m interested, but nervous.” 

  • “I don’t understand what dabs are, but I want to talk to someone to learn more. I heard there’s less coughing.” 

  • “How much is too much when I eat an edible?  I wish I could have a little help.” 

  • “I tried to go to a dispensary, but the guy behind the counter just asked how sky-high I wanted to get.  I left and I don’t even know what to ask if I go back.” 

  • “My friends and I want to talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about and just try it out.  We want to be able to trust that person.” 

This is what we’re hearing out in the community, in whispered conversations at family parties, and even from current cannabis consumers who want to experiment with a different mode of consumption.  

Elucidation Strategies helps people make informed decisions when it comes to cannabis. From public program opportunities to private consumption sessions, they all have the same thing in common - conversations that explore important topics about the plant.  We’re proud to offer a service that promotes education that leads to informed decision-making.  

Our Sidekicks are ready.  Contact us if you’re ready to book a consumption session that comes with some friendly guidance, some cannabis history, and some enjoyable experiences.  

Click here to read a press release about the launch of Green Shoulder, a cannabis consumption guidance service for the cannacurious.  

Contact Elucidation Strategies for more information about cannabis educational services.


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