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Elucidation Strategies' Speakman Writes Cannabis and Communications Course for Stockton University

(Pitman, NJ) - Elucidation Strategies' founder Angela Speakman is the author of Cannabis and Communications: Exploring Perspectives and Messaging, the newest course offering in the Stockton University Cannabis Certification program. As described on the Stockton University website, the "certificate was developed to address a growing demand by people interested in entering Cannabis industry, either as growers, or as medical cannabis providers, or as individuals involved with business and/or legal aspects of the industry."

Cannabis and Communications: Exploring Perspectives and Messaging is designed to help cannabis-focused learners:

  • Understand how attitudes and beliefs about cannabis form, balancing exploration between individual and societal perspectives.

  • Identify and analyze the distinct sources of cannabis messaging and assess the roles that each one plays in shaping views about cannabis.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the differing views on cannabis that exist and how they are shifting (and will continue to) across the state and the nation.

  • Apply knowledge and context to communications exchanges in cannabis industry careers, allowing for a nuanced approach to customer interactions, marketing and educational opportunities, advocacy, community engagement, and other communications-focused interactions.

Speakman's approach to creating the Cannabis and Communications: Exploring Perspectives and Messaging course relied on her extensive, historically-focused cannabis research as well as her considerable experience as a communications strategist and communications instructor. Since 2013, she's been adjunct faculty in the communications department at Rowan University.

Prospective students can access more information about the course and certification program by visiting To learn more about Elucidation Strategies, visit

About Elucidation Strategies

Founded in 2022, Elucidation Strategies, LLC is a boutique communications agency for the cannabis community with a mission to strengthen and amplify messaging about the wellness work of the cannabis community in New Jersey through intentional, collaborative, and customized communication strategy planning, ultimately helping each organization better connect with their stakeholders and achieve goals. Consultation services vary, based on client need, project circumstances, and desired outcomes.

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