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Strategic Planning Ends the Noise

Have you ever listened to an orchestra warm-up before a big performance?

Have you ever listened to an orchestra warm-up before a big performance? The sounds emerge from each chair like out-of-sync fireworks, notes and chords shooting into the space above the group. A pleasing melody or two might stand out, but, for the most part, it’s jumble of sounds. Those sounds have no connection to each other and sometimes, as the practice drags on, it can be distracting and downright unpleasant to hear. Each sound that emanates from warm-up is reminiscent of music,, but when it heads in its own direction and competes with the other sounds, it’s hard to appreciate the beauty and skill behind each note.

Imagine all the ways your company communicates with its audiences as a different instrument in the orchestra. Perhaps the saxophones represent your website content, maybe the drums represent your social media content. The violins could be your newsletter and the tubas might represent your brochures.

Warm-up, when each musician focuses on their own instrument and the individual sound, is an incomplete, chaotic experience for the audience.


When the lights flicker and it’s time for the show to begin, each musician and their instrument find their way to a unifying plan that guides everyone in the same direction. Once everyone is literally and metaphorically on the same page, the beauty and impact of the sound can be instantaneous and moving. The organized artistry results in a compelling message and experience that feels cohesive and natural. The audience sees themselves as a part of the whole effort, as the music triggers trust and appreciation, leading to an immersive and meaningful experience that conjures feelings and reactions.

When you tackle communications like a warm-up, each type of messaging in its own silo, working independently (and at times, even against) the other communications you’re sharing with your stakeholders, it can sound like a confusing jumble of information.


When you set out to create messaging that works together, through intentional and intertwined actions, your audience is much more likely to appreciate the totality of what you’re offering and trust you to address their needs. The difference is the unifying plan - the necessary sheets of music - and the orchestra-wide commitment to it.

Interested in making beautiful music for your current and prospective audiences? Drop us a note and we’ll orchestrate a time to connect.

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