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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A few bites of cannabis information

April 2024

Sharing some interesting nuggets about an interesting plant

When Cannabis "Education" is Dangerous

The nagging questions that we were left with after reviewing the Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM):


  • Who is responsible for monitoring information about cannabis, to ultimately ensure that true information is available for anyone seeking it?

  • What are the outcomes when someone consumes this content and passively accepts it as truth, despite completely lacking substance? Just how much damage does this type of ongoing propaganda cause?

  • How is this combatted?

(Consider this: What happens when you consume inaccurate or misleading information that "looks" like it's accurate and balanced? How often are you actively checking in with your own bias?)


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought submitted to us: When I'm elevated, why does coconut sometimes taste spicy?

A new study investigates the stereotype that chronic cannabis users are lazy and unmotivated. The findings? No significant drop in motivation or effort levels.


Takeaways from a Cannabis Conference in AC

Two words. Cannabis conference.


If you're imagining a hotel ballroom filled with people in tie-dyed tees, barely visible because thick clouds of smoke and barely hearable because of endless snacking, you're way off. MJ Unpacked was a fast-moving conference featuring informative sessions and high-energy networking.


ES founder Angela Speakman participated in the 3-day conference that brought thousands of cannabists together to explore the most relevant topics in the current industry.

(Ask yourself this: Professional development in cannabis is the same as professional development in other, more established industries. Does that align with what you initially envisioned? Why or why not?)


Looking to the Past for the Present and Future

Recently, we shared history-focused educational information at a variety of events in several New Jersey communities.


Why is history the most effective tool to combat problematic stigma, rampant misinformation, and other damaging complexities associated with this ancient plant?


Actually, we've got a few reasons...

(Helpful reflection: When we consider historical events - and explore the relationship between them - we are often able to deepen our understanding and widen our perspectives. Starting with history encourages conversations to start from an objective, not subjective, place.)


Mari's diary promotes cannabis education through a historical lens. Elucidation Strategies promotes cannabis education through a historical lens. The synergy is undeniable.


Elucidation Strategies is a proud sponsor of Season 2. You're invited to subscribe. So are your friends, family, and colleagues, so please pass it along.


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