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How Exploring the Past Helps Navigate the Present and Future

Over the last week, we shared history-focused educational information at two special events, Lambertville-based dispensary Baked By the River's first annual 420 Fest and the NJ Home Grow Earth Day education workshop in Trenton.

At both events, we highlighted cannabis history. Ultimately, these efforts shed light on why the topic of cannabis is so complicated. From pharmacopeias in 250 AD to Pope Gregory IX's Holy Inquisition, from Marco Polo's 12th century travels to the Indian Hemp Commission of 1893, cannabis history is considerable and complex. By examining the past, we can further our understanding of a mind-altering plant, a plant that is no stranger to controversy.

Why history? Why is history the most effective tool to combat problematic stigma, rampant misinformation, and other damaging complexities associated with this ancient plant?

At Elucidation Strategies, we see historical context as an important tool for ongoing solution-driven conversation.

Examining history furthers accurate information, which:

  • Reduces subjectivity and increases objectivity, resulting in more robust conversation.

  • Helps navigate emotion-driven responses that often lack support.

  • Provides context via verifiable information, which can widen perspective.

  • Creates opportunity to have ongoing conversation, as there is always more to discuss.

The more reliable, accurate, and accessible information is, the more informed decision-making occurs. Exploring our past is an ideal approach to understanding the present and planning for the future.

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