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"Is this for real?"

Last week, ES founder Angela Speakman shared answers to some Green Shoulder questions. Below are some of the most frequent inquiries.

Answers to YOUR Green Shoulders Questions

Q1: To be clear, this really is a service where people hire you to consume cannabis with them in their homes? Yes. We’re piloting this program because of the number of inquiries we’ve had, especially from cannacurious seniors and from flower/edible consumers who are curious about concentrates.

Q2: Do you have activities for the session? Yes. Prior to the session, we review all the details of activities - a little learning, some talking, and the option of games are all possibilities - with the GS client(s). The session vibe will always be chill, safe, and fun! The Sidekick brings everything needed for the session.

Q3: There are some people that are really that nervous??? There really are, and it makes sense. ES specializes in education because we know just how affecting years of layered marijuana messaging can be. A little support from a Sidekick goes a long way.

Q4: “If I have a group of friends, like me and 3 or 4 other people, can we book together?” Absolutely! That’s ideal. You and your friends will be able to learn a little bit, consume a little bit, and laugh a whole lot.

Q5: Is there really a need for this? All kinds of professionals share their processes and knowledge - artists, sommeliers, chefs, musicians - to help people learn and experience new things. Why is cannabis any different?

Q6: How much does this cost? It ranges, based on sessions (2 or 3 hour), participants, and location. On average, the all-inclusive price per participant ranges from $125-$195.

Q7: You hiring? Anyone interested in becoming a Sidekick can contact us. :)

And there was one message, not a question, that stood out.

“This is amazing because it’s simple and makes sense because it solves a problem. Education is needed for so many. I’ve already told three people about it and encouraged them to check it out.”

Have questions about Green Shoulder? Ready to book? Ready to refer? Just want to know more? Let’s chat.

Contact Elucidation Strategies for more information about cannabis educational services.


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