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March 2024

Satiating your hunger for reliable cannabis info

Cannabis Public Education Survey Results

"Hi Angela,

I'm not interested in doing a cannabis program here. [Municipality] is a very conservative community and prohibits mariiuana dispensaries within the Township. Most of our patrons are seniors and parents. I don't think this is the right environment for such a program."

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey about access to cannabis public education, focusing on all 297 libraries in New Jersey. The results were elucidating. Eighty-eight percent of respondents are either interested (35%) or uncertain (54%, often citing budget and buy-in) about hosting cannabis education events. It's encouraging to think that only 12% were actively opposed. Those who were opposed frequently made statements like the one above.

(Consider this: The survey was specifically designed for librarians. What can we conclude when we see considerable diversity of views among the trusted sources in the "information business" in our communities? How do we ensure their access to reliable information, especially if there is resistance to even acknowledging the need for it?)


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought submitted to us: Why do we say "on fire" since the fire is on the things burning?

Researchers linked differences in THC metabolism to varying effects of cannabis use and the risk of developing Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD).


Cannabis & Philanthropy: A Story of Mutual Benefit

"If there’s willingness to consider alternatives to the status quo, then is it time to ask ourselves about which community could be transformed by the perfect convergence of trust-based philanthropy, the rise of civic engagement philanthropic responses, and an opportunity to respond to a crisis created by unjust power dynamics?"

Funding for anything cannabis, especially licensed operations, is a huge barrier, fueled by a variety of factors that all boil down to negative stigma. The federal categorization is no exception to this.

(Ask yourself this: The philanthropic community has an opportunity to harness the power of trust-based philanthropy and civic engagement responses to address the complexities associated with cannabis to improve lives, ensure equity and justice in marginalized communities, and influence problematic public policy and opinion. Why isn't it happening?)


Proud Sponsor: The Diary of Mari

Elucidation Strategies is a proud sponsor of Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari, a fun and one-of-a-kind history and mystery cannabis podcast! The first episode of Season 2 is right round the corner, dropping on April 4, 2024.

Podcast Summary for “Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari”

When Angela received an old diary in the mail, she had no idea who sent it or why it was delivered to her. She enlisted the help of her friend Brandon to solve the mystery. From there, the pair set out to explore the intriguing entries in an attempt to discover the identity of the anonymous sender and figure out what they should do with the thick, leather-bound book filled with stories that all seem to have one thing in common...cannabis. Each episode features a fun and interesting investigation of a different entry. In Season 2, a variety of passionate cannabis professionals join the duo to talk history, mystery, and all things marijuana to get some answers about the diary. One thing that Angela and Brandon now know for certain - through each discussion they discover a little more about the mysterious diary author, Ms. Mari Juana. New episodes drop on the 4th and the 20th of each month, April to September.


Recently Angela Speakman made public statements about access to cannabis education at a recent New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission meeting and Social Equity Excise Fund (SEEF) hearing.


Let's Talk Bias


noun /ˈbaɪ.əs/

the action of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way, because of allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment

Cannabis and bias are topics frequently paired. How often are we diving deeper to consider why?

(Helpful reflection: Attitudes towards cannabis in your home growing up, what you’ve heard in the news throughout your life, what your congregation says about the “type” of person who uses cannabis - it all accumulates. What influenced you?)


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