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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A bite of nourishing content

January 2023

Cannabis content for your consumption

What Happens Next: Education furthers knowledge. Knowledge influences views.

Line by Line

Marijuana addiction is a real thing. This is what NJ should know, by Maria T. Krause, interim nursing director of the New Jersey-based Sunrise House Treatment Center, wrote this opinion piece. It was published on January 5, 2023 by

Wait! When you read that, what did you think when you read the title of the piece? Do yourself a favor and chew on this. When addiction comes up in regards to cannabis, what do you envision? Why do you think that is? To widen your view, what comes to mind for addiction in general? How do you examine why that's your default? Do you ever validate that through research?

This was an opportunity for balanced, informed, thorough writing about cannabis, including the dangers associated with it, but alas, it was disregarded. Bias and fear drove this writing.


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought: If our fingers could tell us how they feel, would thumbs tell us that they feel sad because they're isolated from the other digits?

What was likely the first item bought and sold online in 1971? Yup. Cannabis. (Food for thought: Cannabis has always impacted the economy. The legal market is just changing how.)


What happens after an old, anonymous diary is delivered to Angela Speakman with no explanation beyond a note stuck to the front of it? The note said use this as you see fit.

Elucidation Strategies is the proud launch sponsor (the first three episodes) of "Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari," a podcast exploring a little cannabis history and mystery. Angela created this podcast to bring education to the cannabis curious in a fun and interesting way. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, I Heart Radio, and dozens of other podcast listening platforms. To learn more, click here.


A Planting in 1606

Where was the first documented, verifiable, intentional planting of cannabis in North America?

We'll give you a few hints. Maple leaves. Politeness. Keanu Reeves. Poutine. Moose. Apologies.

(Something to chew on: Before the fabricated narrative of the last century or so, cannabis was considered quite valuable for many reasons. Click below to learn why.)


Still hungry

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