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Sponsored Podcast "Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari" Launches

(Pitman, NJ) - Elucidation Strategies is the proud launch sponsor of Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari, a podcast exploring what happens after an old, anonymous diary is delivered to Angela Speakman with no explanation beyond a note stuck to the front of it. The note said use this as you see fit.

What Angela Speakman, creator of the podcast, shared with Elucidation Strategies about the diary:

  • It has a green leather cover with a clasp on the right side. It’s a small book. There is no title. There are no distinguishing marks or information indicating ownership or authorship.

  • The entries in it are handwritten in a non-linear fashion, however most entries have a date.

  • There appear to be hundreds of pages, but there are no page numbers. There are inserts and clippings and other items stuck in between some pages.

  • It was delivered to Speakman's attention at the Elucidation Strategies office.

  • The safekeeping of the diary, according to Speakman, is "a significant and flattering responsibility" that she is "committed to taking seriously." She also notes that "in the tradition of such spirit-driven high profile influencers like the Tooth Fairy and Ron Burgundy, the Diary is a source of guidance and childlike wonder, as we'll all learn lessons and be heartened. It's because of proud supporters, like generous three-episode-sponsor Elucidation Strategies, that a healthy dose of cannabis history and mystery and a dab of hilarity is making it's way to listeners interested in learning about cannabis and its complex past."

Cannabis - or marijuana, as it’s often referred to - appears to play a significant role in the diary. Elucidation Strategies, a boutique communications agency that exists to strengthen and amplify the messaging of the wellness work of the New Jersey cannabis community, is the official sponsor of the first three episodes of Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari, The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, I Heart Radio, and dozens of other podcast listening platforms.

The podcast is co-hosted by Angela Speakman and Brandon Warrick. The pair will investigate and document their sleuthing adventures. According to Speakman, they “hope that other cannabinists in the Garden State eventually (also suspend their realities and) join them in investigation and discussion of the entries." The Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari podcast was developed to share the ongoing outcomes of this...scenario... with a wide audience to address the mysterious origins of the diary and identify why Angela Speakman was chosen as the recipient of the handwritten book.

Each new episode in 2023 will drop on the 4th and 20th of each month.

The RSS feed link for the podcast is:

During the sponsored launch, Elucidation Strategies will also provide access to the podcast episodes on the ES website,, for the first month of 2023.

About Elucidation Strategies

Founded in 2022, Elucidation Strategies, LLC is a boutique communications agency for the cannabis community with a mission to strengthen and amplify messaging about the wellness work of the cannabis community in New Jersey through intentional, collaborative, and customized communication strategy planning, ultimately helping each organization better connect with their stakeholders and achieve goals. Consultation services vary, based on client need, project circumstances, and desired outcomes.

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