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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A bite of nourishing content

May 2023

Sharing delicious cannabis content to satiate the hungriest of appetites

Cannabis and...taxes?

Earlier in the month, NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation to separate state tax law from federal regulations that deny standard tax deductions for cannabis businesses. This is a big deal. Want to learn why? Click below to read about what this means. Hold on for one sec - Consider this statement: The cannabis industry has HUGE economic statewide impact in New Jersey (and other states with legal access to cannabis). What came to mind when you read that? Why?


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought: When you use the word indescribable, haven't you just undone what you tried to do?

Which traditional association has a contemporary view of cannabis?AARP Wondering why? Their stance explanation is elucidating.



Cannabis Isn't Alcohol (or Tobacco)

WARNING: Comparing cannabis to alcohol and tobacco is harmful to our health. Many conversations lump cannabis, booze, and smokes all together. That's problematic. Cannabis is unique and deserves a category all to itself.

Click here to read more about why the vice classification is inaccurate.


Different year, same story

We know that cannabis has been a controversial subject for decades. In fact, it's been a controversial topic for centuries. Consider John Corry's 1966 New York Times article "Drugs a Growing Campus Problem" for a snapshot of the commentary from many years ago. Spoiler: It's similar to today - stereotypes, misinformation, and confused perspectives.


Still hungry?

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Considering cannabis content? Look for the funding source when considering angle/bias of the piece.


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