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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A bite of nourishing content

November 2023

Nourished minds are satiated minds. Satiated minds are satisfied minds.

A Successful Cannabis Community Conversation

Earlier this month, the Cherry Hill Public Library hosted a Cannabis Community Conversation event to help participants learn more about the complex history of cannabis. How is type of community event unique? The conversation topics are selected by the people in the room, ensuring that the discussion meets the expectations of the participants. At the CHPL event, we focused our conversation on terminology and historical highlights about what has influenced government decisions. To check out the follow-up items from that community conversation, click the link below. (Consider this: The motivation for why participants attended varied. What would you want to learn more about if you attended a Cannabis Community Conversation?)


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought: Regarding the platform previously called Twitter - are we crossing now? Did that replace tweeting?

The next countrywide legalization effort is likely to be Germany. The draft bill has been in the works since earlier in the year. Each week, there's more global shifting.



Challenges in the NJ Industry

What takeaways, in regards to cannabis industry challenges, were the same from cannabis-focused sessions at the League Conference and the M4MM Town Hall?

  • Lack of sensible decision-making

  • Prevalence of information gaps

  • Valid data and facts not prioritized

That's why, when you ask anyone in the cannabis industry about the greatest needs, education is always in the immediate top 3 responses.

Ask yourself this: If education is often identified as what's needed in the industry, do you have awareness of the most reliable and accurate information sources? Who is providing resources? What's the motivation behind those resources? What would help you to make an informed decision?


The Elucidation Team Expands

Earlier in the month, ES welcomed Angela Speakman back to the team. Angela returns to ES, ready to help New Jerseyans make decisions about cannabis. "When faced with making a decision, the more information that's available, the more informed that decision can be," said Angela Speakman, Principal at Elucidation Strategies. "Cannabis is truly unique. When it comes to the plant, how we make decisions can be complicated because of complex history and messaging associated with it. Whether it's an individual or a business, it's important to understand the impact of those influences as well as access accurate and reliable information to gain a wide and informed perspective."


Still hungry?

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When reviewing a source about cannabis (or anything else, really), ask yourself, what's the motivation behind sharing the information?


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