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Asking for the Share, Helping with the Algorithm

"You work in public cannabis education? That's exactly what we need!  Let me know if there's anything I can do to help."

That’s what we consistently hear from cannabis professionals and cannachampions when we talk about our work in cannabis education.  

And now, cannafriends everywhere, we're ready to take you up on that offer to help...and all we need is for you to share this post widely to trigger the online findability of cannabis education services in NJ, specifically through the algorithms, to trigger a rise in SEO rankings.  (We all know when it comes to digital, there’s an uphill battle when cannabis is involved.) 

Below is what someone looking for a Green Shoulder cannabis consumption session might type into the Google box when trying to find someone to help them smoke a joint, eat an edible, or try a concentrate. 

With each share, you help us get the Green Shoulder service information out into the world.

Searches of the cannacurious and cannaconfused:

"Who can help me smoke weed?"

"Am I going to freak out if I smoke weed?"

"Can someone show me how to smoke pot?" 

"Business that helps me with marijuana"

"What happens if I smoke pot?"

"What if I get too high?"

"Help with pot"

"Getting stoned for the first time"

"Will I get anxious if I smoke weed?"

"Who can tell me why cannabis and marijuana are the same thing?"

"How much do I smoke for the first time?"

"How to have fun smoking pot"

"What does smoking weed feel like?"

"Last time smoked weed a long time ago"

"How to feel less high if I feel too high"

“Someone to help me with rosin”

"How much of an edible should I eat?"

"What is rosin like?"

"Good advice on smoking weed"

"What's a cannabis dispensary like?

"Teach me about cannabis"

"Hire someone to smoke or eat cannabis with me"

"How do I roll a joint"

"Someone to talk to about cannabis"

"Find someone local to help with pot"

"Marijuana or cannabis help"

"Weed smoking coach"

"Local person to help me smoke weed"

"Professional cannabis consumer"

"Prevent cannabis paranoia"

"Learning more about how to consume cannabis"

"Hire someone to come over and smoke weed"

"Cannabis help for hire”

“Cannabis professional who helps me consume” 

“Scared and need help with marijuana”

“Personal assistant with cannabis”

“How long will being high last” 

“How to I stop being high”

“Should I try sativa or indica”

“Is it better to vape or eat cannabis”

“Hosting a cannabis party” 

“Why do I get high when I smoke weed”

“Does cannabis always make you laugh”

“Help at the dispensary”

“Will I like being high” "Are there cannabis professionals to help me consume"

“Difference between CBD and marijuana”

“Will cannabis trigger an anxiety attack”

“Will my stomach hurt if I smoke weed” 

“Does smoking weed feel good”

“Marijuana demonstration” 

"Cannabis demo for hire"

“Cannabis help”

“Cannabis tutorial” 

“What does being high feel like” 

Contact Elucidation Strategies for cannabis consulting services.


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