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The Secret Behind Elucidation Strategies

What if you had a summary report each day of your life? In that report, with the consistency of a streak on Snap, you could review that day in highlights of numbers, pictures, and activities. Each day, every conversation, every interaction, every conscious choice and outcome - everything was summarized, documented, and filed so you could pluck out a report from December 13, 2002 or April 2, 1991, or September 27, 1984 and conjure that day with a double-click on a folder icon. We’d be lucky to have such a function, allowing us to visit the highs and lows and everything in between.

If such a daily summary report existed and was searchable (maybe even using a tagging system with key words), it would be much easier to recall events and exchanges from our past that influence our present. The accumulation of the experiences in all the moments of our lives - from the exciting ones to the mundane - all play a role in how we see and process the world around us. Maybe then, we’d fully realize how our perspective today was forged and shaped by the accumulation of moments and experiences that have been layered and layered over years of living. Your attitude towards and thoughts on brightly-colored socks, abortion, sushi, international travel, the state lottery, vocational school, sunscreen, organized sports, kayaking, the death penalty, highway driving, avocados, reading, Los Angeles, Jimmy Carter, el caminos - it’s not just the stance you have now, it’s about all the bits of information that make their way to us through media consumption, advice from friends, magazine articles, social media, how we were raised, and so on and so on. All of the content from those daily reports, all of the stuff of life, contribute to our attitudes, beliefs, and values, even if we’re not consciously aware of it.

We are and always will be influenced by that accumulation of our past experiences. Always recognizing that as a fundamental truth is the secret to authentic and clear communication. The ability to imagine and understand someone else’s perspective and feelings and using that information to make decisions about what to say (or not say) and how to say it is crucial for successful communication. That’s empathy. And that’s supreme at Elucidation Strategies. Every aspect of how we work with clients to shape messaging is guided by empathetic thinking.

Actually, that’s how we’re different; we are committed to letting that founding principle lead our actions. And, as fate would have it, that’s the most successful way to create meaningful connection in any communication exchange.

We’re a company that's built on our most valuable asset - our emotional intelligence - as well as our ability to harness both convergent and divergent thinking to develop innovative ways to help connect messaging and audiences. We’re just what the cannabis industry in New Jersey needs during this exciting time.

So, we’re Elucidation Strategies and we’re committed to strengthening and amplifying messaging about the wellness work of the statewide cannabis community through intentional, collaborative, and customized communication strategy planning, ultimately helping each organization better connect with their stakeholders and achieve goals. It’s great to meet you, New Jersey.

Contact Elucidation Strategies for cannabis consulting services.


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