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The Cannabis Community Conversation Program

What happens when a group of professionals - who all have experience with education and helping people learn in common - invest in learning about cannabis history to share accurate and relevant facts and information with their fellow community members?

The Cannabis Community Conversation program.

Our group of Community Educators (CEs) are a cohort of trained professionals that want to help others learn about how the history of cannabis has shaped the role of cannabis in our lives today. Their backgrounds are varied; our CEs represent different industries and sectors. Our CEs come from primary education, higher education, security and corrections, healthcare, marketing, project management, and other fields. The common thread among our CEs is that, even though they’ve all had different professional roles, they have all helped others to understand a variety of topics and concepts and welcomed the exchange (and continue to) that accompanies learning.

Each interactive Cannabis Community Conversation event is 90 minutes. Elucidation Strategies staff and CEs support the conversation host throughout the entire event-planning process, which includes following best practice strategies for public programming. ES provides program description and imagery, event overview information, and a detailed account of roles and responsibilities to make program scheduling, planning, and promoting the community conversation as easy as possible.

Cannabis Community Conversation programs include:

  • Basic, neutral information about cannabis and related topics

  • Exploration of cannabis history, including highlights from 3000 BC through today

  • Examination of related legislation and commission reports

  • Presentation of credible and verifiable writings, reports, and evidence regarding cannabis

  • Resources for additional learning beyond the conversation event

The program does not include:

  • Legal, medical, or any other professional advice about cannabis

  • Attempts at persuasion regarding cannabis in any way

  • Any cannabis product

How does it work?

If your organization is interested in hosting a Cannabis Community Conversation to provide an opportunity for the community to explore information about cannabis, the first step is to contact Elucidation Strategies. From there, we will discuss the program and fees, review format, expectations, and scheduling, and talk through questions and planning strategies about bringing this informative and interesting public program to your stakeholders, right in their own community.

Contact Elucidation Strategies for more information about Cannabis Community Conversations today.


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