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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A bite of nourishing content

September 2023

Nourishing content guaranteed to widen your horizon.

The Same Discussion Dance

"By putting these two substances side-by-side and selectively comparing them and then conveniently relying on vague conclusions and eventually wrapping it up by urging a medical consultation that’s likely to result in the same ambiguity, this piece likely heightens skepticism for current or prospective patients who are on the hunt for accurate and reliable cannabis use guidance." (Tip: Why do you think tobacco and cannabis are compared often? Have you ever heard of a doctor prescribing tobacco as a wellness substance? What does that comparison indicate? Furthermore, what damage is done by the comparison?)


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought: Wouldn't the ultimate superpower be having all the superpowers? Where's that story?

Descheduling, not rescheduling, is the most appropriate course of action. Period. Cannabis should not be scheduled at all. NORML does a great job at explaining why.



The Long-Lasting Effects of Media Messaging

Media has long played a role in what information we encounter and consider. The way the information is positioned is influenced by what content is included and what is not as well as language choices. By creating associations, even if it's indirect, how we think about a topic is influenced.

Ask yourself this: When it comes to influencing my own perspective, what's effective? What isn't? Just by considering the questions, you have a better understanding of what contributes to attitudes, beliefs, and values.


Understanding the Significance of the SAFER Banking Act

A recent Forbes article, "What Would The SAFER Banking Act Mean For The Marijuana Industry?" explored the SAFER Banking Act and the recent landmark Senate vote. Tim Barash, CEO of Dutchie, explained it best. What would the Act enable? "Easier access to capital, banking services, and payment methods will be a big benefit to the entire industry." Can you imagine being in any business without access to these essential resources? Considering predictions for the US cannabis market forecast a industry valued somewhere between $40 and $70 billion by 2030, access to safe and reliable banking service is crucial.


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