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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A few bites of tasty insight

May 2024

Enough for you, enough to share

Heart Wins Over Head

Ted 2 might seem like an unlikely source of wisdom. But, life lessons don't always come in expected packages.

When an attorney (played by Morgan Freeman) described how people make decisions, he said that they listen to their heart rather than their heads. When it comes to cannabis, this is a big factor.

(Ask yourself this: What motivates people to prioritize judging anything with emotion rather than reason? What are the factors that contribute to that type of decision-making?)


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought submitted to us: Who else feels like graduation ceremonies are essentially like watching the credits of a movie, but often for much longer?

The rescheduling announcement has sparked national discussion about cannabis and the federal CSA categorization. Descheduling is actually a better option.


Helping Others Understand

Anyone who regularly heads to the shore for a calming, restorative toes-in-the-sand day knows that not all beach days are equal. So, what can we learn about helping folks unfamiliar with cannabis consumption from heading to beach for a reset day? It's all about language.

(Consider this: It's not just what's said, it's how it's said. Productive cannabis conversations aren't just about what you want to say, it's about what the other person needs to hear.)


The Parts of Perspective

Attitudes, beliefs, and values.

How can exploring the distinctions and relationships between these three things help us to understand individual views about cannabis? First, we should delve into the definitions.

(Helpful reflection: Three questions that can help to explore A/B/V - How do I think and feel about cannabis? Why do I think and feel that way? What is that process like for others?)


Angela & Brandon Help us Learn from Mari

Last month, Angela, Brandon, and Mari were spotlighted in The Triple Bolt Gazette. TBG features authentic voices and interesting stories. Many thanks to Brian Aufdenberg and the TBG team for coverage. Mari would probably dug it.


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