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Cannabis Recommendation for You

In Steve DeAngelo’s book, The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness, he helps readers see the big picture when it comes to cannabis and its complex history. It’s a favorite text of ours at Elucidation Strategies.

He organizes the book by sharing 8 pillars.

  1. Cannabis is not harmful, but prohibition is.

  2. Cannabis should never have been made illegal.

  3. Cannabis has always been a medicine.

  4. Choose cannabis for wellness not intoxication.

  5. Cannabis reform doesn’t harm communities; it strengthens them.

  6. Cannabis should be taxed and regulated as a wellness product.

  7. Cannabis reform is a social-justice movement.

  8. Legalization cannot and will not be stopped.

Rather than share content or commentary, we’re sharing a suggestion.

Do yourself a favor and read this book. Then, loan that book to a friend with the request that they do the same, read and then loan. It’s high time for supported, accurate, and insightful information about cannabis to spread like wildfire. This is how to eliminate the stigma. This is how to combat misinformation. This is how change happens.

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