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A Night of Networking

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending my first New Jersey Cannabusiness Association event as a representative of Elucidation Strategies. To say that it was fantastic to be in a room filled with other enthusiastic and motivated cannabists is an understatement. The energy in the air was palpable. When NJCBA president Ed Deveaux shared a few remarks, every attendee nodded in earnest solidarity when he talked about the importance of destigmatization and normalization. I’ve had the pleasure of working in different sectors and there’s something that’s different – and wonderful – about the cannabis community exists in our state.

I first joined NJCBA as grass roots member in 2018 to learn more about what was happening in the industry. At the time, I was working on State Street on Trenton and was in awe of the persistent and committed advocacy that was coming from some of the most influential cannabis pioneers in New Jersey (and beyond) on the steps of the State House. I know that I was and continue to be grateful for their tireless work and passion; I’m just one of many that feels that way. I’m excited to be able to bring my communications and strategic planning skill sets to an industry that’s finally here and thriving and that’s only possible because of the people that paved the way.

Many thanks to everyone that works hard to bring the cannabis community together so we can learn and flourish together. Elucidation Strategies is proud to be part of Team Cannabis in the Garden State.

- Angela


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