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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A bite of nourishing content

December 2023

A holiday helping of cannabiscuits & gravy

Another Successful Cannabis Community Conversation

Earlier this month, the Westfield Memorial Library hosted a Cannabis Community Conversation event to help participants learn more about the complex history of cannabis. What was interesting about this conversation?

Based on questions posed and the natural flow of conversation, there is great need for cannabis education, especially historical context. This is the only way to eliminate misinformation and intentionally #replacefictionwithfact. (Consider this: During this public event, on average, at least half of all participants verbally indicated an "a-ha" moment either before, during, or after the conversation. What does this indicate about general public awareness?)


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought: Does February ever get jealous of the other months?

As of December, the DEA issued a warning to Georgia pharmacies intending to distribute cannabis, as they asserted it is a violation of federal law. Two steps forward, four back.


A Subcategory 5 Violation: An Outrageous Stripe Account Story

Access to banking services is a basic necessity for all businesses.  Just how hard is it for a cannabusiness to get what they need when it comes to money-related services?

Elucidation Strategies, a non-plant-touching consulting agency that works in the cannabis education and planning space, just found out.

ES recently switched accounting software services.  When completing the invoice template in the new Freshbooks account, the option to accept credit card payments via Stripe was integrated into the process.  The Stripe account was authorized during the set-up.

That's when the ridiculouness began.

Ask yourself this: This single issue sheds light on the considerable obstacles that exist. Have you thought about just how hard operating in the space is for cannabusinesses? How much do the challenges that exist because of the federal prohibition really impact cannabusinesses, particularly licensed operators?


It's All About the Approach

The cannabis industry is just…different. Generally speaking, there’s a willingness to give and help for the sake of giving and helping. The adage ‘rising tides lift all boats’ comes to mind; it happens to be one that comes up frequently in cannabis meetings and events. What do the folks in the cannabis industry all have in common? Besides unwavering respect and awe for advocates and legacy (a better term would be pioneer!) operators who made arriving at today possible as well as appreciation for all that the plant provides, they tend to have a similar approach to their work as well as how they live their lives.


Still hungry?

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