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Cannabiscuits and Gravy

A bite of nourishing content

Guaranteed to spark conversation. Warning: An occasional chuckle and a desire to learn more about cannabis may occur.

Sharing a Secret

We know a secret or two about cannabis. If you’re someone that already uses cannabis, you likely already know. If you’re not, this might change how you view your circles - your family, friends, colleagues, and beyond. You ready for it? Wait! When you read that, what immediately came to mind? What/who did you associate with cannabis? Taking it a little further, why? Our perspectives on cannabis are an accumulation of years of messaging from a variety of sources, resulting in complex views. You're encouraged to chew on this. Whenever you're consuming content about cannabis, remind yourself: My perception of cannabis was shaped by messaging that was often designed to influence me in a particular direction. That could prompt you to consider information about cannabis in a more open-minded way. So, back to the secrets. You know *quite* a few cannabis users. We can 100% guarantee it.

Read about cannabis secrets while slightly more self-aware.


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

Cannabis is legal in NJ, but federally illegal. (Food for thought: Cannabis use has been labeled as criminal for most of your life.) Sometimes we need help separating cannabis fact from fiction.

A fleeting thought while floating: Are those that go barefoot in gym locker rooms inherently risk-takers or just short-sighted? Want more? Ask any cannabist about fleeting, floating thoughts. They'll want to share.


If you're wanting to consume more about cannabis, find something written from a reliable source that aligns with your current views AND ask a friend to do the same. Make it a point to exchange and discuss both sources (ex/report, article, story). You'll learn about each other's positions, widening your own view of cannabis. Not sure where to look? Email Elucidation Strategies; we'll share some valid sources of cannabis content.


Still Just as True

In 1938, New York City Mayor Fiorello “Frank” LaGuardia assembled a diverse team of health experts and law enforcement professionals to study all the aspects of cannabis from a scientific and sociological perspective. Often referred to "The LaGuardia Report," several conclusions were reached, including, "publicity over the catastrophic effects of marijuana smoking in New York City is unfounded."

(Something to chew on: when the topic of cannabis comes up, consider your automatic reaction and how that influences anything you read or hear next.)


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