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An Intentional Step Forward in Cannabis

Earlier in the month, the State of New Jersey awarded $12 million in funding to 48 cannabis businesses through the Cannabis Equity Grant Program.

“The Cannabis Equity Grant Program allows us to simultaneously expand the pool of cannabis businesses in our state while also focusing on those communities most impacted by the unethical War on Drugs,” Gov. Murphy said in a statement.

What does funding like this impact? Let’s consider the outcomes that will be most affecting.

First, 48 cannabis entrepreneurs will receive an award that could be significant in influencing the momentum of their small business ownership and everything that could trigger.

Second, the award will stimulate the statewide economy in a budding industry that's just started to take off.

Third, the award intentionally creates a pipeline of support and economic activities in communities most harmed by the ineffective and ill-intentioned War on Drugs.

Fourth, the funding assures access to resources and technical assistance for navigating small business ownership, especially in a highly regulated industry, resulting in more informed entrepreneurship.

Fifth, it sends an undeniable, clear message about the normalization and destigmatization of cannabis.

While it’s far from a perfect solution regarding the past, present, and ongoing issues associated with cannabis (the state-by-state-legalization-work-around approach contributes to this), this is progress and innovation designed to make a difference.

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