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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A bite of nourishing content

Guaranteed to spark conversation.

Warning: An occasional chuckle and a desire to learn more about cannabis may occur.

NIMBY in North Jersey

“A medical marijuana dispensary is a bad idea for Madison for many reasons -- crime, security, traffic, safety to name a few.” “Good idea for New Jersey but "not in my backyard." “Can you explain how a marijuana dispensary in Madison is in the best interest of Madison?” Wait! When you read that, what crossed your mind? Did you nod your head in agreement with the sentiment? Did you shake your head at NIMBY? You're encouraged to chew on this. Whenever someone mentions marijuana, remind yourself: My views about cannabis and who use it formed throughout my entire life. By acknowledging this, I acknowledge the considerable complexities that exist.


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

There are over 1,200 slang terms related to/used for cannabis. (Food for thought: The word marijuana is commonly used today because of an awful "marketing" campaign designed in the early 20th century.

A fleeting, floating thought from a Garden State cannabist: Does the guilt from always using Amazon reviews, but never leaving any keep you up at night too?


As described on the Harvard University-affiliated “Project Implicit” website, implicit bias is [the] automatic reaction we have towards other people. These attitudes and stereotypes can negatively impact our understanding, actions, and decision-making. What comes to mind when you hear…weed? Pot? Stoner? Baked? Blunt? Marijuana? You're encouraged to take a moment and consider those reactions. Implicit bias is a major influence, even if we don't always realize it. Click here to learn more.


Tell the Truth During WWII, cannabis was a much sought-after the US government.

But it wasn’t just for hemp fiber alone. In 1942, the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) - the agency that preceded the CIA - investigated the use of marijuana as a truth serum. Tests were run to determine if it could be used while interrogating the enemy. They used honey oil made from hashish and tried it out on OSS personnel.

(Something to chew on: If you could only use one word to describe the relationship between the US government and cannabis, what would it be? One could make the case for manipulation. Click below to learn why.)


Still hungry

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