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Cannabiscuits & Gravy

A bite of nourishing content

June 2023

If you're craving insightful cannabis content, you've come to the right place

How much? $180 million?!?!?!?!

Earlier this month, in the article “NJ reports nearly $180M in legal weed sales this year ahead of legislative hearing,” reporter Jelani Gibson shared that “both recreational and medical cannabis in New Jersey has brought in roughly $180 million.” Ask yourself: what immediately came to mind after reading that figure? After identifying what came to mind, be kind to yourself and ask why. That will help you to better understand how you view cannabis, which also involves who you associate with that use and what it means to you.


A Bit Relevant, a Bit Random

A fleeting, floating thought: Is it possible to daydream at night? Or is that something else altogether?

In an interview about Rastafarianism, musician and cannabis activist Bob Marley once said “When you smoke herb, herb reveal yourself to you.”

What do you think he meant?



That First Time

If you’ve consumed cannabis, do you remember that first experience? That encounter often influences how people feel about cannabis, as well as whether or not consumption continues after that first try. Consider this: For some, that first experience is shaped by any pre-existing fears or questions or assumptions the consumer has about cannabis.


Information Everywhere

“But I read it on the internet!” What a cringeworthy declaration.

With access to so much information, it can be hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not.

That’s why it’s worth it to invest in sharpening those information evaluation skills. Information literacy is crucial.


Still hungry?

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